Saturday, September 20, 2014

He may be right, but her feelings matter

If your wife seeks marriage counseling, she is likely to get anti-man advice like this from Ask Amy:
DEAR DISTRAUGHT: When it comes to this kind of behavior and the way it makes you feel, does it matter who is "right"? (Hint: You get to define the boundaries of the marriage you want to be in.)

Your husband's characterization of his activities as just being "a guy" is an insult not only to you but to guys in general.
You think that you are in the right and that the shrink will back you up? Forget it. Even if the shrink does think that you are right, she won't say so. Instead she will say that the wife's feelings are paramount, that the wife has a right to define her needs to suit her own narcissism, that the husband has a duty to cater to those selfish feelings, and that it is an insult for a man to act like a man.

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