Thursday, September 25, 2014

Child victim has to pay child support

I did not know that a man could be liable for back child support for a child that he did not even know about. Or that he could be liable even if he was a child statutory rape victim.

Helen Smith writes in USA Today:
Imagine that your 14-year-old daughter engaged in sex with the 20-year-old man down the street. Anger would hardly begin to describe your feelings, but then imagine how you and your daughter would feel if she became pregnant and the man who abused her got custody of the child and your daughter had to pay him child support for the next 18 years.

This would not only be unthinkable in our society but most people would say that it bordered on abuse or worse. Yet, as reported in a recent Arizona Republic news story, this is what happened to Nick Olivas, who happened to be 14 at the time he had sex with a 20-year-old woman. The difference, of course, is he's not a girl.

At the age of 21, Olivas found out he had a child and that he owed over $15,000 in back child support plus interest. He was rightfully upset, stating: "It was a shock. I was living my life and enjoying being young. To find out you have a 6-year-old? It's unexplainable. It freaked me out."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he could sue her for rape?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she waited enough years for the statute of limitations for statutory rape to run out.