Sunday, September 14, 2014

Feminized advice on being a gentleman

NPR Radio has a series on How To Be A 21st Century 'Gentleman':
"I can open my own door," says college freshman Chiamaka Njoku, 18. "I don't see the point of opening up the door; most of these doors are automatic anyway."

Njoku has a different very attitude when it comes to the check.

"If a man wants to pay for the whole meal, I will not stop him," she says.
My problem with this show is that all of the opinions offered were from women, except for one guy offering tips based on same-sex relationships.

If you are listening to NPR to learn how to be a man, you should check your pants to see whether you still have two testicles.

Okay, I am belaboring the obvious. NPR is leftist feminist radio. Real men would not listen to it, or would not take it seriously if they did.

I say that if you want advice on being a man, then read stuff written by men for men. Women say that craziest things on this topic.

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Just Saying said...

Women will always say what they think they should, rather than what they really think. Basically, do what you want - women are full of BS. They want a man to take charge - and rule them. I'm a throw-back and my bed is always warm, and the women willing. Enjoy them - but don't take them seriously...