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Attacks on the manosphere

This is not a Men's Rights blog. I mainly advocate for parental rights, and against infringement by CPS and the family court. I regularly post about moms who are denied their rights.

But I am a man and a dad, and that is my perspective.

NPR Radio reported:
This summer, a few hundred men and a handful of women gathered in a VFW hall near Detroit to attend what organizers billed as the first International Conference on Men's Issues.

The crowd wasn't huge, but it was enthusiastic. The event was a real-world gathering organized by the website A Voice for Men, part of an informal collection of websites, chat rooms and blogs focused on what's known as the men's rights movement. Speaker after speaker insisted that history would remember this moment.

"It's happening here. It's happening now. It's happening with us," Warren Farrell, one of the keynote speakers, told the crowd. Farrell, who published The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex in 1993, is often described as the intellectual father of the men's rights movement.
Of course NPR is politically leftist, and they cannot resist throwing in some name-calling:
Futrelle's not the only one who's concerned about men's rights groups. The Southern Poverty Law Center — which normally tracks white supremacists and other hate groups — says the men's rights movement has attracted a "hard-line fringe" who endorse violence and hatred against women.
I have criticized the SPLC before, for being a vile anti-white-Christian hate group, and for attacking the manosphere, and for using tragedies to push its leftist agenda.

The SPLC just released its latest hate report. Warning: its pages do not load unless you run some javascript spyware in your browser. There is another rant against the manospere:
America’s latest mass murder left seven people including the killer dead, the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the nearby community of Isla Vista in shock, and the so-called men’s rights movement, which some blamed for the slaughter, defensive, angry and resentful — its usual attitude.

It didn’t take long after 22-year-old Elliot Rodger stabbed and shot six people to death, injuring another 13 before committing suicide as police closed in, for the world to learn of Rodger’s hatred of women. ...

Rodger’s postings at PUAHate immediately focused public attention on the so-called “manosphere,” an ugly subculture of websites run by men’s rights activists that is typified by its loathing for women in general and feminism in particular. (PUAHate is dedicated to criticizing “pick-up artists” who sell men advice ...

The manosphere was explored in an Intelligence Report article more than two years ago, but most Americans had never heard of it when Rodger’s rampage burst into the news cycle. Still, it didn’t take long for a national debate to develop about the role of the men’s rights movement in Elliot Rodger’s mass murder.
Rodger was mentally ill. He posted on an anti-manosphere site, and not one of the sites that the SPLC attacks.

Stirring up racial animosity and attacking white Christians is the SPLC's bread and butter. The report also has a
book review:
Nicholas Wade’s new book, A Troublesome Inheritance, is only the latest in a long line of works arguing that humans can be divided into discrete races, and that between those races, there are differences in behavior, temperament, intelligence, and even political and economic structures. Although the specifics of the arguments change, what remains constant is the idea that white people of European descent are inherently smarter, better, more “civilized” than members of other races, especially black Africans and their descendants. Wade’s work is no exception. ...

Wade’s book has been publicly endorsed by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, championed by noted white supremacists like Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire, and Steve Sailer, and tirelessly promoted on the neo-Nazi Web forum Stormfront,
There is rebuttal of any facts or science in the book. just this sort of guilt-by-association game. Most of the review consists of attacks on people who have nothing to do with the book. Duke was in the KKK 40 years ago. Derbyshire has a non-white wife. Sailer is a journalist who reports on ethnic matters, but is not a white supremacist either. Stormfront allows all postings, including pro-Nazi and anti-Nazi, as far as I know.

I could play this game too, and find associations between the SPLC and other anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-freedom hatemongers. I'll skip it this time. Figure it out for yourself.

The Dilbert cartoonist has a rant against feminism:
My only objection to feminism is that in order for any group to be politically effective it needs to promote a worldview in which there are two kinds of people: Assholes and victims. Nuance doesn't work for politics. Political change needs good and evil and no gray area in the middle. So in the feminist political battle, men are automatically included in the asshole category no matter their personal situation. I don't think that is a conscious decision. It just works out that way. ...

My point in all of this is that feminism is sexist by design. It has to be that way to be politically effective. You need a big, bad enemy because without it you can't generate the kind of change you need. I don't disagree with the strategy because it works, and historically it was in the service of a good cause. ...

In 2014, much of what passes as feminism sounds to my ears like "men are assholes." The more nuanced reality is that people who either have too much power or too little power can be awful humans regardless of gender. And the people in the middle aren't much better.
I think he is right that the feminist movement is more about demonizing men than arguing for equal rights. But the SPLC does not criticize them.

Update: Wade is a NY Times science reporter, and denies that he said that whites are inherently smarter. He says:
To the contrary, my book explicitly takes no position on the cause of racial differences in I.Q. results, given the difficulty of assessing the many factors other than genetics that heavily influence I.Q. scores.
As usual, hate-filled libel from the SPLC and the anti-white-Christian left.

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