Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Self-hating dad and other anti-male rants

A reader sends this rant by a confused dad:
It's nearly impossible to avoid stories of violence, rape, and domination. Living rightly is hard enough on your own, and now I must raise a son to do so in a world that is, in part, characterized by men's violence against women.

Louis CK sums it up best: "There is no greater threat to women than men. We are the number one threat to women. Globally and historically, we’re the number one cause of injury and mayhem to women." And I worry that he’s right.

Now that I am a father, this question constantly sits before me: How do I raise a son of compassion and dignity? A man who respects women?
No, this is crazy thinking. The world is characterized much more by men doing nice things for women, and women benefitting from men.

Pres. Obama just announced that he is appointing a woman to head the Federal Reserve Bank, while the IMF is already headed by a woman:
Christine Lagarde believes that women in high places are essential. Men, left to themselves, will usually make a mess of things. The 2008 financial collapse was, at least in part, she says, driven by the aggressive, greedy, testosterone-fuelled mood of male-dominated, hi-tech trading rooms.
No, this is anti-male nonsense. THe crash was caused mainly by govt guarantees for risky loans.

Physicians are now limited in Canada:
Quebec’s physicians college has forbidden its members from performing virginity tests after learning of four cases in which doctors were asked to conduct the gynecological exams.

The province’s College des Medicins said it recently provided guidelines outlining its stance on virginity testing, which examines whether a woman has engaged in sexual intercourse.

The procedure goes against its code of ethics, the college said, as physicians are not to intervene in their patients’ private lives. ...

Shaheen Ashraf, from the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, said virginity tests are “archaic.”

“We should be able to control our own bodies,” she said. “No one else should have the right to even think (along) those lines.
Not allowed to think? Physicians do invasive exams all the time. If a medical test will help determine whether a rape took place, why not? Is there any other medial test that is refused on political grounds? I don't know what the physician does, but in India he does this:
The two-finger rape test involves a doctor inserting fingers in a rape victim's vagina to determine its "laxity" and decide if she is "habituated to sex."
Sometimes I think that there is a conspiracy between feminists and child molesters to make teenaged girls more sexually available to adults.


Scott Pierce said...

What I can never understand about this perspective is the assumption, "man bad, woman good". The overwhelming majority of men leave the comfort of their homes everyday to enter a convoluted world of mixed messages and degrading situations in order to provide and insure their families are cared for properly. They don't hit women and rarely even raise their voices. It doesn't take extraordinary efforts to create a decent son. It just takes being a father. I started to leave this comment on the original site but then figured, why bother?

Anonymous said...

Physicians do invasive tests that are medically necessary.

in 2013, i cannot imagine why a virginity test is medically necessary or why a Dr would have to perform it?

George said...

The reason to do it is to help determine if a rape has occurred. If the girl is under age, she might not tell the truth about a statutory rape.