Monday, October 28, 2013

Eating the dog food

People wonder how so many family court judges, shrinks, lawyers, and others could participate in so many policies that seem so contrary to fairness, justice, common sense, and the public interest. They wonder how so many people could do so much evil without some far-fetched conspiracy theory. The simplest explanation I can give is that they eat the dog food.

Microsoft has a doctrine it calls eating your own dog food. It means that they have to use those company products if they want to keep cashing those company paychecks and stock options. They are happy to do it.

There is a related concept called Eating your own dog food, also defined here. That connotes true-believing cult-members in a suicide pact. That is a good term for people on a self-destructive ideological mission, but most of these family court jerks are more like blood-sucking leeches than kool-aid drinkers.

The dog-food eaters disclaim any responsibility for whether the policies are good or bad. They are just going along with the system in a way that allows them to cash their paychecks.

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