Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why you should not marry women before 35

Sunday had this Dilbert cartoon. Yes, men are increasingly unnecessary to modern educated women. And the porn, robots, and virtual reality are getting better and cheaper all the time. I think that the day will come that men find robots preferable to women.

I found this anonymous rant:
The Female Brain: Why you should not marry women before 35

A pre-nup is a written contract. So is a handshake agreement. Anyone who will break a handshake agreement will also break a written contract. Women FEEL absolutely no compunctions whatever about breaking contracts of any sort. They do whatever they FEEL like then find justifications for their actions later. Their FEELINGS are their reality. Check out the new book The Female Brain for an extensive, scientific, discourse on the subject.

Monogamous marriage was created by the Judeao-Christians as a way to provide wives to most men. Women naturally go to the harem system that prevails in the rest of the world. They really do NOT want to spend much time with any particular man. They just want a man around for a short time to get them pregnant and to support them and their brood. By being in a harem they get all the advantages of having a man around without having to spend much time with the actual human being that he is. They only get hot for a small percentage of men, and they care not if he is doing other women. They actually prefer to have him doing other women, it lessens their time requirements with him. Look at Tom Jones, Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton, Casanova as examples of this process at work.

Women don't stay because they get married and they don't leave because he refuses to marry them. All marriage does in this age is allow them to take half of his success with them when their FEELINGS flip for hormonal reasons that have nothing to do with anything he ever said or did. Look at what Heather Mills is doing to Paul McCartney. She actually thinks she is entitled to half of Paul's lifetime success and the results of all his creative genius and hard work getting it out to the world just because she was married to him for the last six years. She never helped him write a song or record it or go on the road to perform it, yet she still wants half of all his ca$h.

In The Grapes Of Wrath Steinbeck makes a great analogy about men and women. Think of a creek. Men are the rocks in the creek, women are the water that flows around the rocks. Nothing a man does can prevent a woman from moving on.

Protect yourself, men, and NEVER get married. Be nice to them, enjoy their company when they FEEL like granting you some time. Even have children with them (The woman I used to be "married" to and I raised five together). Just don't sign away half your worldly success to her with a contract that has no true meaning to her.

Bottom line: just FORGET ALL ABOUT MARRYING HER in the first place. That makes the whole problem of pre-nups irrelevant, just like her wedding "vows" are to her.
There is some truth to this. The Judeo-Christian monogamous marriage is being dismantled and being replaced with a feminist-hedonist model. If you are considering marriage, then please learn about these changes before you make the plunge.

Marriage is even declining in Japan, where the population is contracting. The BBC reports:
Tamaki Saito was a newly qualified psychiatrist when, in the early 1990s, he was struck by the number of parents who sought his help with children who had quit school and hidden themselves away for months and sometimes years at a time. These young people were often from middle-class families, they were almost always male, and the average age for their withdrawal was 15. ...

The average age of hikikomori also seems to have risen over the last two decades. Before it was 21 - now it is 32.

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One thing I have learned in this life. Logic and normalcy will get you nowhere with women.