Monday, July 15, 2013

What I learned from the Zimmerman trial

If I just came to the USA from elsewhere and watched the George Zimmerman trial coverage, I would conclude:
Black folks will always side with another black in a fight, regardless of the merits. That includes President Barack Obama and US attorney general Eric Holder.

Even after the jury acquitted Zimmerman, Obama and Holder attacked Zimmerman, praised Martin, and threatened to prosecuted Zimmerman again.

The authorities will send an innocent man to prison, if it reduces the chances of race riots. Judges and prosecutors will lie and cheat to destroy people.

It is normal for black people to go around calling a non-black person a creepy-ass cracka.

Blacks adamantly assert that black kids have a right to beat up anyone they perceive as following them.

Blacks say that they are mistreated in our society, but their poster boy is a dope-smoking juvenile delinquent who sneaked up on a man, sucker-punched him, and tried to beat him to death while he screamed for help.

Blacks see nothing wrong with starting fights like that, and torturing a man after giving up the fight.

The jury system is essential to our justice system.
Polls also indicated that black people were overwhelmingly in favor of acquitting O.J. Simpson for murdering his ex-wife.

I hope I am wrong about this. There are surely millions of American blacks who think that Trayvon Martin did something wrong. I just haven't seen any of them on TV.

At any rate, this case convinces me that our highest political and legal authorities, in that they can willfully prosecute an innocent man in order to placate the masses. The black masses, anyway.

Part of the purpose of the Florida Stand Your Ground law was to avoid subjecting an innocent man to a trial, if he has a clear-cut case for self-defense. Obviously the law was not strong enough.

When I tell people about bad decisions by the family court, they usually refuse to believe that the court officials are evil. They assume that the judges and shrinks are doing the best they can, but maybe they are overworked or gullible to one side's arguments, or something benign.

No, officials like Irwin Joseph, Heather Morse, Ken Perlmutter, Bret Johnson, and Faren Akins are truly evil people who malicious destroy lives for their own personal profit and career advancement. If we ever had a French Revolution, their heads would being going in the guillotine.

I wonder what would happen if any court-ordered deviation from joint 50-50 child custody had to be approved by a jury of peers. The judges and psychologists would lose their power, and we would have a lot more common sense.

Update: I hear a lot of people saying that Zimmerman's biggest mistake was not identifying himself as a neighborhood watch captain. But it seems possible that Martin beat him up because of a belief that he was acting like some sort of security guard. According to a post-verdict interview of Martin's friend:
Morgan asked Jeantel about the term "creepy-ass cracker" that she testified Trayvon used to describe Neighborhood Watch volunteer Zimmerman as he followed the teen in Zimmerman's gated community.

Jeantel replied that, in her neighborhood, the term is "cracka" and it means a person who acts like a police officer.

Jeantel had suggested to Trayvon that Zimmerman might have been a rapist, she said.
She clearly said cracka and not cracker. She also distinguished between a nigga and a nigger. Maybe she is trying to say that Trayvon wanted to beat up a gay cop wannabe. I do not take what she says too seriously.


Anonymous said...

It won't change and even if we had a French style revolution these people would not face the chopping block as they would switch sides at the drop of a hat and simply continue on abusing their power. Read the details of the French Revolution and you'll see what I mean. Or look at something much more recent, the Nazi courts were chock full of people that sentenced people to death during the war years. After the war most of them stayed on in their jobs (the US even provided protection for them). Nothing changes in this world, those that love power and abusing people always seem to find a way to do exactly that.

Anonymous said...

A divorced dad once said to me that he never really understood what it is to be discriminated against until he experienced the injustices of the family court system; he's white.

What happened between T. Martin and G. Zimmerman is a case of the following all coming together with tragic consequences: a) bringing a knife to a gunfight; b) street smarts vs. book smarts; and c) American culture of racist bigotry - on all sides.

As for exacting justice to the carpetbaggers infesting the family court system, what is desparately needed is a united public outcry. We have lots of bold and brave efforts by private citizens to bring attention to the crimes commited by family court officials (e.g. judges, magistrates, attorneys, GALs, evaluators, CPS, etc.) - see:

What's needed is indeed a "French Revolution" ...