Saturday, July 20, 2013

Child abuse reports are going down

The NY Times reports:
DURING the Great Recession, child abuse and neglect appeared to decline. Incidents reported to local authorities dropped. “The doom-and-gloom predictions haven’t come true,” Richard Gelles, a child-welfare expert at the University of Pennsylvania, told The Associated Press in 2011.

The real story about child maltreatment during the recession is a grim one. I spent months studying this topic, using a number of different data sources, including Google search queries. I found that the Great Recession caused a significant increase in child abuse and neglect.
No, this is nonsense. The above chart is the Google Trends chart for "child abuse". As you can see, it is going down, not up. Not that I think Google Trends is a reliable measure, but it shows a bogus scare story.


Anonymous said...

Who is the quote from?

I reblog links to posts from around the MRM-Manosphere to help combat misandry and feminist lies and The Angry Dad is one of those blog I monitor through a feed reader and link back to telling people to come here and read articles.

I would really like to link to this article but I would like to see citation for the quote used.

- unregistard

George said...

Thanks, my mistake. This might require a login to the NY Times. If so, try this.