Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Worthless mediation training

A family court lawyer tells me that you can pay $395 to attend this:
Family Mediation Training
by Dr. Don Saposnek and Hon. Irwin Joseph

Santa Clara, California
March 8-9, 2013

In this thirteen-hour, inter-disciplinary training for Bench Officers, Judges pro temp, Attorneys, Therapists, and other Family Court Professionals in the Silicon Valley and Central Coastal Regions of California, we explore, interactively, how to mediate a wide variety of matters in Family Court within the framework of local rules and procedures and in accordance with the recommendations of the Elkins Family Law Task Force.
This is a case of the blind leading the blind. Irwin H. Joseph was the worst commissioner or judge I've seen in the Santa Cruz family court. He was passed over for promotion to judge several times, and was eventually fired. He later got a job in the Santa Clara court.

If you want to sign up:
Contact Information
For more information about scheduled training, contact:
Irwin Joseph 831-588-6771
email: Irwin.Joseph@sbcglobal.net
Don Saposnek
email: dsaposnek@mediate.com
website: www.mediate.com/dsaposnek

Send your Registration to:
Family Mediation Trainings
PO Box 2686
Aptos, CA 95001
I once got Joseph reversed on appeal, and he held a grudge against me ever since. You can find many examples of his incompetence and vindictiveness on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! It gets worse and worse. Santa Cruz County setting the standards with its corrupt Family Law Court system?

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