Friday, January 21, 2011

Rant against CPS

The local Santa Cruz free weekly had an article on child abuse, and it drew this comment:
written by Mommytime gone, January 07, 2011
what a bunch of liars. the entire system is disgusting and corrupt and these sanctimonious self-righteous uneducated people have made a business of taking children away from their families, putting them in (abusive) foster homes, making up lies about their parents, slandering them, and take great pleasure in humiliating them in family court, where they are completely untouchable and their actions have NO CHECKS and Balances. They are wrong most of the time and the lies they write up in their reports are just outrageous. Believe me, I know. I have had my daughter removed from me because my (bitter) ex says he "suspected drug use" in my home. It didn't matter how many negative tests I gave them, or that I complied with their "safety plan" having supervised visitation once a week for 3 hours (at a cost of $50/hr), for 6 months, that I am a full-time
Registered Nurse in a busy Labor and Delivery of that matters. and guess what CPS says when you want to get a copy of whatever it is in their file? they say you can't see it if you don't have custody. That is illegal and a lie. I lost custody because of them, so how convenient their little rule is. It's absolutely heartless. Meanwhile the stress this has caused my baby girl is incomprehensible. It's NOT RIGHT.
Well put.

There are some many things wrong with CPS that they cannot be explained in a one-paragraph letter to the newspaper editor. She did well to summarize her case and say, "It's NOT RIGHT." Decent people should be able to understand that it is not right. It should be obvious that it is not right. Others are hard to reach.


Anonymous said...

guess Good Times isn't taking anymore comments, wouldn't take mine adding an "amen" to that poster's experience. Wouldn't want to besmirch CPS's good deeds, now would we? Typical Santa Cruz news, always supportive of the status quo and squelching any voice of dissent. What a corrupt little Mayberry RFD.

Anonymous said...

Sad story. CPS investigated this woman and dismissed any allegations prior to her murdering her children.