Sunday, January 09, 2011

Man countersues for ring

Here is news from Chicago:
Vito Salerno, of Barrington, the ex-fiance who was sued for breach of promise after he got cold feet and allegedly left his onetime future bride with $95,000 in wedding expenses, has filed his own lawsuit. He wants his $45,500, 3-carat engagement ring back.
Here is more info:
Both lawsuits do agree on one matter: There was a bachelor party — featuring strippers and lap dances — at a South Loop gentlemen’s club called the Pink Monkey. ...

Another blow to the relationship, according to Salerno’s suit, occurred when his bride allegedly told him she had been treated for severe depression at the Mayo Clinic and was on medication. Earlier, Salerno claimed, Buttitta had told him she got a clean bill of health.
Do I need to tell you the occupation of the bride-to-be who filed the first lawsuit? Perhaps she read this story about how recent law school grads cannot pay off their student loans:
In reality, and based on every other source of information, Mr. Wallerstein and a generation of J.D.’s face the grimmest job market in decades. Since 2008, some 15,000 attorney and legal-staff jobs at large firms have vanished, according to a Northwestern Law study. Associates have been laid off, partners nudged out the door and recruitment programs have been scaled back or eliminated.
I am sure that there is a family court that is glad that this couple did not have kids, and some family court lawyers and psychologists wishing that they did.

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