Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue Valentine

Last weekend I saw the new movie Blue Valentine. It rates 8.1/10 on IMDB, which is pretty good. It is about a deteriorating marriage, with flashbacks to happier times.

I usually hate movies like this. One review said:
A complex portrait of a contemporary American marriage, "Blue Valentine" tells the story of David and Cindy, a couple who have been together for several years but who are at an impasse in their relationship. While Cindy has blossomed into a woman with opportunities and options, David is still the same person he was when they met, and he is unable to accept either Cindy's growth or his lack of it. Innovatively structured, the narrative unfolds in two distinct time frames, juxtaposing scenes of first love and youthful sexuality with those of disenchantment and discord.
Wow, either this reviewer missed the point or I missed the point. First of all, the guy's name is "Dean", not David.

Another says:
Early screenings of the film have divided audiences on which partner is most at fault for the relationship ending, but the brilliance of writer-director Derek Cianfrance is that he makes it truly the fault of neither...or both. Cindy and Dean are both good people with flaws.
I think that this movie makes a powerful statement about the modern American marriage. I won't try to assess blame. See it for yourself. There are millions of men like Dean, and millions of women like Cindy. And apparently many more who consider Cindy blameless. Consider it an education.

Here is a better review.

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