Thursday, January 13, 2011

My trial continues

My child custody trial continued for another day yesterday. I was hoping that we would finish, but it will continue on Feb. 4.

The two visitation supervisors testified, and their reports were entered as evidence. My ex-wife had a very long list of questions for one of them, such whether visits ought to have 24 or 72 hours notice. There was no point to any of it that I could see.

The other supervisor had a couple of negative comments. She said that she had some safety concerns. I asked her for specifics, and she said that one time we were playing a game at the beach and I was throwing a beach ball at my daughter who was buried in the sand. At one point, the supervisor asked me to stop throwing the ball. The supervisor said that the ball was not hurting the girl, but if she had come out of the sand and if I had kept throwing, then the ball might have hurt her. That was the worst problem, if you can call it a problem.

At the end of the day, I pointed out to the judge that we have a visitation problem this month, because the supervisor is unavailable on the days required by the psychologist. The supervisor has subcontractor who can fill in, but she is a new PhD who has not yet completed her licensing requirements yet. I said that I just wanted a visit this month. My ex-wife said that she was unwilling to deviate from Perlmutter's recommendation, that an unlicensed supervisor is unaccepted, that our kids are busy every day this month, and that she is too busy to interview a new supervisor. The judge said that she cannot deviate from the Perlmutter recommendation because the trial was ongoing, and allowed my ex-wife to make a visit this month virtually impossible.

All of these excuses are ridiculous. The judge can alter visitation at any time. Does she really think that a license is needed to properly prevent me from throwing a beach ball too many times? I am not sure this judge is getting an understanding of the case at all.

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Anonymous said...

ok. It's just some more of the same. They're handing you more RANTING POINTS.

A beach ball..that you MIGHT throw at her..after she's not buried in sand..? It's sort of perfect,right
Has anything in the world contributed to LESS injuries to a child than a beach ball ?, It's potential to be harmful ?

It's all MEANT to appear ridiculous
They're trying to appear incompetent.

The more incompetent they are individually, and collectively, the longer it goes on and they more you spend on them. Isn't this what's happened for 6 + years ?

I don't blame you. I admire your dedication, but don't you figure that you're maybe, just lining the pockets of those victimizing you and your kids, sometimes ?

You have choices other than to just continue to do what hasn't been working ?