Friday, January 14, 2011

Another lesson from Amy Chua

I posted below about the Amy Chua book of parenting lessons. Here is one of her best:
My kids were maybe seven and four and my husband had forgotten my birthday so at the last minute we went to this mediocre Italian restaurant and he said “O.K., girls you both have a little surprise for mommy.” And my [4-year-old] daughter Lulu pulls out a card, but the card was just a piece of paper folded crookedly in half with a big smiley face and it said Happy Birthday Mom. And I looked at it and I gave it back and I said “This isn't good enough. I want something that you put a little bit more time into.” So I rejected her birthday card. People can't believe I rejected this handmade card. But she knew as well as I did that it took her about two seconds to do it.
She is not joking. She has a whole book defending these practices.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting story in the news the past couple days about a SWA pilot holding the plane for the grandfather of a dying boy. The boy was killed by his mother's boyfriend, when he threw the child across the room while drunk and high.