Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perlmutter says he is incompetent again

Here is some more testimony from psychologist Ken Perlmutter in my case:
Q. (By Mr. AngryDad) Okay. But just to be clear here,
you don't know what custody we had before your appointment
and you're not competent to say, even though you read all
the legal papers. And even during the course of our
evaluation, you don't know what custody arrangement we
had. And even though you read all the legal papers,
you're not competent to say what custody arrangement we

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. But do you still contend you're not competent
to make a custody recommendation?

A. Yes.

Q. Even though you're not competent to read court papers
to determine what custody arrangement we already had?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you ask us what custody arrangement we already

A. Yes.

Q. Did I tell you?

A. My recollection is you did.

Q. And did I tell you correctly?

A. I don't know how to answer. I don't know if you were
correct or not.

Q. Okay. Okay. But you did recommend sole temporary
legal and physical custody?

A. No, I did not. I recommended temporary sole legal
and physical custody.
I am appalled that this bozo can get $28,000 for this. Wouldn't you expect that if someone is appointed by the court to make a child custody recommendation, and collects the big bucks to do it, that he would at least have the competency to determine the existing custody arrangement? If he cannot even do that, then how could his work have any merit at all?

Actually, this transcript says that he admits that he is not competent to make custody recommendations. I don't know why any court would pay any attention to him at all.


Anonymous said...

He made a TEMPORARY, sole, legal custody recommendation. Aren't they usually or always temporary ? He explained what it was he is competent to do as far as the recommendations.

Does the court care if he's competent at anything ? Doesn't appear like it.

Looks like he just has to "show up".

Woody allen said that, 80% of success is showing up."

Is Perlmutter a BOZO ? Is BOZO a clown ? Is this court a circus ?

Sorry , but how is this BOZO differ from the others ?

Meet the new boss. the same as the old boss.

Optimus Primate said...

Sue this man for the $28,000. Get the transcript, and take him to court. You retained his services expressly to make a determination of custody, and he swears under oath he is not competent to make that determination.

I'd say that's incompetence and negligence on his part as a healthcare provider.

Anonymous said...

I wish you COULD sue him and the others, too.

he's hired to do, and the scope, etc. is very vague and ambiguous.

Does he need to read the custody arrangement in the court doc.s to make an "independent evaluation" ? You COULD argue, no ? I think he should care, and should know, but you could argue otherwise, too.

By his demeanor, you can tell that he knows how much he can or can't get away with. where some legal line is as far as being sued is drawn.

Looks to me like, the faster you conclude he's incompetent, the faster he's onto the next 28,000 he can be working on. Why else, is he going to be so incompetent appearing ? How long are you going to pay him and the transcriptionist to repeat how incompetent he is ?

Time to bring out the next incompetent psych.

Anonymous said...

I THINK it was all set up long ago. Dr. Johnson..he was incompetent, right ? But he "recommended" 50-50% custody. Now, Perlmutter, is using Johnson's issues with you, to award temp. 100% to mom.

Perlmutter is making vague references to Johnson's eval. Did anyone discuss with Perlmutter the food, and kid's activities etc. ?

Also, remember that this is just a "RECOMMENDATION',so Irwin, and judges don't have to go along with it anyway. You can end up with another evaluation, after Johnson or anyone gives you 50-50, anyway.