Saturday, May 29, 2010

Visitation terminated

My ex-wife has terminated my visitation of my kids. She said that the current visitation doesn't "make sense in the light of the new order". When I requested visitation under the terms of the new order, she said that I was not being "reasonable". Sigh. This psychological evaluation has been a disaster. I guess that I will have to bring another motion to the family court to force her to comply.

Update: The comments speculate about the precise reason for the non-compliance. The court order says that I can choose the visitation supervisor from a list; my ex-wife says that my choice was not reasonable.


Hughman said...

Frankly, your ex is just a total bitch.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess...
1. Ex said the old visitation doesn't apply, have to go with new. OK, I guess that's where the "termination" comes in. It's terminating the old orders to make way for the new one.

2. You wanted to see the kids right away, pulling them from scheduled summer activities (camp, travel?).

3. The ex said let's schedule something that doesn't pull the kids from their plans, a supervision person has to be lined up anyway. This takes a bit of organization first...

She's not going to ignore the new orders, it's not worth the risk. Research a professional supervisor and work with ex to schedule a weekend! Done.

Anonymous said...

Putting the agravation factor aside, it must be costing you, on average over $1,000 per hour and 30 hours of court crap, per 1 hour of seeing your kids, and climbing.

Maybe her goal is to get it to the point where you give up, and the it's a situation where it's YOUR fault that you don't see the kids, anymore.

You wouldn't be the first.