Friday, May 28, 2010

The bad money incentives

A reader writes:
BTW, really, what is the incentive for separation of fathers from their children by the system? I can understand why the mothers would do it from a revenge and increased $ standpoint, but really, I've not gotten a clear picture why courts, shrinks, social workers etc. Must be a variety of reasons but I'd like to see a more comprehensive theory. Glenn Sacks a good resource for this?
The simplest explanation is that all those family court leeches profit from separating the money from the kids. If the dad has money and can be separated from his kids, then he will spend the money to see them.

I have heard that when the mom has more money, then the bias is to take the kids away from the mom, and then make her pay to get them back.

The shrink who did my evaluation charged $20k. If his recommendations are followed, the total cost for courts, shrinks, etc. could ultimately be ten times as much. The system is evil and corrupt.

Yes, Glenn Sacks is good. I also recommend these books.

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Hughman said...

In the UK, visitation rights are fairly evenly split, but if there is major disparity in earnings, the kid goes to live with the lower earner

(I think the idea is that it's normally the mom that is the lower earner, so she'll be a stay-at-home mom and thus a better parent in a single adult household. Holdover from the 'pre-equality' days)