Monday, May 10, 2010

New book on long sad story in family court

Dr. Helen recommends this new book:
Broken Family Law: In the Best Interests of the Minor Child, is Thomas A. Cherewick's contribution to anyone who has faced, or will be subjected to, the vagaries and unpredictability of the U.S. family law system. Two decades of being the Respondent in a child custody case give Cherewick the knowledge, expertise, and ammunition to deliver this no-holds-barred and highly enlightening book. More than a how-to guide, every section is about what works and what doesn't in a system that is flawed, often unfair, and undeniably broken. The author delivers important information about finding the right attorney and protecting oneself from setups, becoming well-versed in giving straightforward depositions and testimony, while juxtaposing against each informative point his frustrating encounters. Whether dealing with an ex, a divorce attorney, social worker or family law judge, Cherewick exposes how facts and the law are often manipulated for the good of one, often to the detriment of the child.

About the Author
Thomas A. Cherewick, a medical physicist and attorney dedicated to resolving medical malpractice cases that involve radiation exposure, came to this subject after being the Respondent in a child custody case that spanned twenty years and took place in both Montana and California. After losing custody of his daughter in Montana, and then gaining custody in California, he was convinced that the system of family law was sever ely flawed. He believes no parent or child should have to endure these struggles. Cherewick and his wife reside near Yellowstone National Park.
I cannot stand to read these books. They are too depressing.

Sometimes I think that my story is unique, and that no other family court could be so corrupt and destructive. But then I hear about some family court horror story elsewhere.

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