Monday, May 31, 2010

CPS forced to notify dads

Robert Franklin reports on a new federal court decision:
It holds that a father with joint legal custody but with no physical custody (i.e. visitation rights) of his child has a right to be informed by state officials such as the police and child welfare workers when his child may be suffering abuse. Astonishingly enough, in the case reported, no state, county or municipal official informed the father when his daughter complained of sexual molestation by the father of her mother's boyfriend, physical abuse by the boyfriend or the boyfriend's attempt to coerce her testimony.
A couple of readers have been suggesting federal court action. Here is an example of a federal lawsuit that just did some good. It should have been obvious that CPS would notify the dad of a child being abused in the mom's care. Now CPS has to, or it faces damages in federal court.

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