Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ex-wife tries to bypass court clerks

My ex-wife just sent this email:
Commissioner Joseph,

I am emailing you in regards to our case, AngryMom v. AngryDad, FL 0xxxxx. Dr. Perlmutter mailed his completed child custody evaluation to the Court and to both Roger and myself on Friday, May 7, 1010.

Is the next step to set up a status conference regarding review of the evaluation? If so, would we do this through your staff?

Just in case the following information is needed, below is a list of the dates that I am available for court appearances: ...

Thank you for your time,
She is a lawyer. Judge Heather D. Morse is the family court judge. Cmr. Irwin H. Joseph is just the acting juvenile delinquency judge. Why is she asking Cmr. Joseph for legal advice?

If she wants the family court to take some action, then the proper procedure is to make a motion to the family court. Apparently she is trying to take advantage of Cmr. Joseph's personal maliciousness towards me in order to get some sort of improper intervention from him.

I will be interested to see whether Cmr. Joseph is crooked enough to even reply.


Anonymous said...

you know the answer to that already: Salazar had punted your case to JJJ and she knows he's biased in her favor and there is precedent for communication between them outside the system (if I remember your earlier postings correctly). She is simply going for gaming the system in the manner she knows will give her the greatest probability of getting what SHE wants.

And of course there's likely stuff in that shrinks 20 grand report that could be hazardous to you. You've shown you're willing to challenge the shrinks and the system and they don't like that. I paid the price of challenging their thinking and values and scientific quality by having that report witheld from me until after the hearing. And after the judge and my ex had received it several weeks before the hearing. Resistance is futile, you WILL be assimilated....

BusyHandz said...

file a bar complaint against your ex. she's an attorney, she KNOWS better than this.

George said...

I don't know whether she violated any Bar rules. The rules let lawyers do a lot of slimy things. But it sure seems improper to me.

BusyHandz said...

You can call the Bar and ask. Usually the Bar only investigates an attorney's professional conduct, but sometimes they get involved in their personal conduct if it "spills over" into their profession, so to speak.

For instance: an attorney I am acquainted with had an affair with a client while representing her in her divorce. Unethical? You betcha. A quick check of the CalBar website shows no record of discipline. Why? Dunno.

Back to your ex: Any attorney knows that ex parte communication with a judicial officer, attempting to prejudice the court, is a serious breach of attorney ethics. It does not matter if the attorney is representing a client or representing herself. Same rules apply.