Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Standing up for his kids

Fellow angry dad Dan got this email:
I don't think the approach of your website is the right way to go. I am a child psychologist and I know that fathers often get screwed in custody arrangements. I also think you were probably screwed. and treated unfairly. I do not think your website comes across the way you intend. When I read your website, I could feel your anger, which is justified. I felt a lot of bitterness in your statements and it seemed to me like you were feeling victimized. I don't think that's the tenor you want on a website trying to get your kids back.
So he should sit back and be silent when crooked court officials take his kids away?

Dan cannot win. If he were silent, then people would assume that he is guilty.

Of course Dan sticks up for his daughters, and speaks out against the evil forces that are conspiring to separate him from his daughters.

I think that something is wrong with this child psychologist. What kind of a child psychologist tells a father to keep quiet about people harming his daughters? Are there child psychology schools that teach such contemptible attitudes?

When I think of child psychologists, I think of that TV quack, Dr. Phil. He is not someone that you would ever want to take serious advice from. As far as I know, child psychologists pay little attention to objective research or common sense.


Anonymous said...

wow... I agree with the psychologist, who is obviously trying to give Angry Dad some constructive criticism. No where in his comments does he suggest Angry Dad to "be quiet."

Rather, he suggest Angry Dad to review his website to be sure his ultimate intent (to get his kids back), as set by his words, is not being perceived incorrectly by those who might read through the site.

get a grip folks. it's not ALWAY a fight...

Anonymous said...

au contraire, when you have a corrupt government-based system complete with badges, guns and prisons coupled with a delusional group of so-called mental health professionals (and social workers working for some bizarre form of "social justice") and they take your kids away from you because you don't conform their prozac'd yes-man behavior, of course it's a fight. Get a clue yourself, unless of course you're one of those working in this system making big profit and gaining control over other's misery. Freedom and liberty are never just given, they have to be fought for. And they're easily taken away. Read your history.