Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chain-link fence not enough for paranoid judge

The Free Range Kids blog writes:
After Anne realized her mistake of course she ran out and brought Caitlin in. She also notified her supervisor, and papers were filed. And at last her case — yup, it’s an actual “case” — came up before a New York State administrative law judge, Susan Lyn Preston. Judge Preston’s ruling?

Anne should be placed on New York state’s Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment. She could remain there for 25 years (almost assuring she never works with children again), because:
“Clearly, Caitlin was at imminent risk of harm in this situation. The fact that the playground was surrounded by a chain-link fence does not eliminate the risk that Caitlin could have been abducted. A person with an evil intent could have easily gotten over the fence or lured Caitlin to the fence.”
The blogger has been called the world's worst mom because she defends parents who actually let kids play by themselves. I think that this paranoid judge should go on a register of foolish judges who should not be allowed to rule on cases involving kids.

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