Monday, May 03, 2010

Child's lawyer tries to destroy evidence

An angry mom in San Jose lost joint custody of her son because bruises were taken to be evidence of abuse. The bruises were shown to have a medical cause, but she still gets very limited visitation anyway.

Now the bruises continue, as well as cuts and rashes, while the boy is in the father's care.

The mom just got this email from the boy's court-appointed attorney:
All, I have, since my initial involvement in this matter had a big problem with photographs taken of [10-year-old son] in an effort to document evidence for the court proceedings. If this continues, and I’m assuming that these photos were not taken during [Mom]’s time with [visitation center], I will file a motion and request that only supervised visitation be allowed. I am very firm on this issue and if it doesn’t stop immediately, or if I’m made aware of it in the future, I will have no choice but to take action.
The court-appointed lawyer is not protecting the child; she is using her power to prevent the mom from documenting the truth.

The case of this boy has involved endless motions, hearings, evaluations, etc, burning hundreds of thousands of dollars. And there is no merit to any of it. The process only continues to exist in order to cover up the mistakes of the past. This email from the lawyer is the proof.

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