Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Understanding my kids

A reader asks whether I have made a real effort to learn parenting skills and understand my kids.

I have taken every suggestion seriously. The CPS social worker, Sally Mitchell, said in her report that I am "unwilling to consider any other parenting methods". When I asked her about this under oath, she admitted that she knew of no example of me being unwilling to consider another parenting method. In other words, she lied.

Comm. Joseph suggested that I shop more often, and at different stores. Is that a parenting skill that I should be learning?

It is remarkable that these folks act as if they know my kids better than I do. I understand my kids better than anyone, except possibly my ex-wife. The comments by Comm. Joseph, Sally Mitchell, and Jim Ritchey are so far off the mark that they show a serious lack of understanding. It is just not possible for someone to collect a couple of trivial anecdotes and then understand a child better than the parent.

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