Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Must use some sort of adjective

Comm. Joseph gave me this lecture a couple of years ago:
THE COURT: one other thing, sir. I'm a strong believer in civility. when I talk about someone in moving papers or read about someone in moving papers, I expect a "Mr." or "Ms." or attorney or counselor. when you just throw someone's name at me for the purposes of getting effect, that's not appropriate. It's not polite. okay. so next time you file something, would you please in front Of Miss Gray's name put some sort of adjective. okay?

I don't know what effect he thought that I was trying to get. I was just referring to her by name.

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Anonymous said...

After reading this blog, I would say Comm. Joseph is about as big as a believer in civility as I am in Voodoo. Their has got to be a way to ring in these God complex types.