Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Child custody evaluator backs out

I just got a call from Elizabeth Lee, the court-appointed child custody evaluator. On Jan. 11, Comm. Joseph had ordered my ex-wife and me to get an evaluation from her. She was all set to charge us $7,000 and get started. My ex-wife warned her about this blog, and she said that she would check it out herself.

Ms. Lee said that I have an absolute free speech right to post on my blog, and she believes in free speech and she didn't want to do anything to discourage me. But she said that she didn't want any part of it, and she was going to notify the court that she was declining to do the evaluation.

There are two other local psychologists who do top-dollar child custody evaluations, Gregory Katz and Jay E Muccilli. The judge had also said that we could agree on someone else. The evaluator would make recommendations about legal custody, physical custody, supervision, visitation, counseling, coparenting, schedule, child exchange, and probably anything else to run our lives. Maybe he would even advise us about dogs and alarm clocks, I don't know. I am not sure why the judge is doing this, so we will probably have to go back to court for more instruction.

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