Friday, January 11, 2008

Lost the case

I just had a family court judge accuse me of child abuse.

Comm. Irwin H. Joseph made his ruling today, and he came down on me hard. He said that he found me guilty of emotional abuse. He admitted that there was no individual act of wrongdoing that anyone could find, but he said that there are a lot of complaints so he thinks that the kids are in distress. He said that I had an inability to take responsibility for the kids' distress, and they should not have to continue with me. He restricted me to a limited amount of supervised visitation.

Comm. Joseph didn't cite much in the way of specifics. He did castigate me for entering my 8-year-old daughter in a math contest that was intended for 10-year-olds. He implied that there was some sort of technical violation of the contest rules by doing that, and claimed that I was not sufficiently sensitive to the feelings that she might have had when her mother told her that she should not have been in the contest. I had testified that the contest was a worthwhile experience, and I am amazed that anyone would object to it.

Comm. Joseph said that he searched thru the court file, and found some comments on me by Bret Johnson three years ago. Johnson is a gay shrink who wrote a book about helping gay men get out of the closet. Comm. Joseph said Dr. Johnson was "prophetic", and quoted him as saying that I was "unorthodox" and "liked to do things my own way". This was all supposed to support his finding that I was a child abuser who was unfit to care for my own kids.

Comm. Joseph also issued new child support orders. When I pointed out that his new orders were directly contrary to what the appellate court said that he could do, and explained that the statute required certain factfinding, he just quickly swore us in, asked a couple of irrelevant questions, and declared that he had done the factfinding and ordered me to pay the same amount anyway. (Maybe I'll explain in greater detail later.)

Comm. Joseph also sent us out for a psychological evaluation. I've already had about five of them, so I am not sure what is the the point. He also ordered me to do the things that Dr. Johnson recommended three years ago, even tho they were rejected by the court at the time.

There was a maliciousness to Comm. Joseph's tone that I had not seen before. He acted as if he wanted to teach me a lesson, and he was going to stick it to me as hard as he possibly could under the law. He sounded as if he was going to terminate my parental rights entirely, but he needs a couple of more psych reports before he can do that. He didn't even mention the usual mumbo-jumbo about the best interest of the children. He just wanted to punish me to the maximum, regardless of any consequences.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Comm. Joseph has read this blog and is getting back at you ? The judges don't like anyone that bucks the system.. All of this is very sad for you and your children.

George said...

I am not sure about Comm. Joseph's motives. There are some other possible explanations.

Anonymous said...

He's correct, your children are distressed. If you ex-Wife hadn't been selfish and started sleeping with another Man while you were supporting her, they wouldn't be. George, I hate to say this, but I think it's time to shut the blog down. This blog obviously burns Comm. Joseph to no end. People like him have egos that normal folks cannot understand. You will never get a fair day in court as long as this blog exist. I am terrified to have children, be married, face a judge for ANY reason. You are fighting an Army of Sociopaths. Sick, Orweillian leftist are in power in the Left end. At no time will you face someone realistic and real. Mindless, uneducated Social Workers, Homosexual therapist with an agenda, and Sociopathic Lawyers and Judges spells doom for the righteous Man. Convicted of child abuse for entering you Daughter into a Math contest? I can't think of what words to use for that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just wanted to add. The Dean of Harvard University was ousted by the Socialist for stating comments that females perhaps were genetically less capable in Math and Science. They want our Daughters to perform better at these categories and blame sexism as their weakness in them. I guess you are damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Anonymous said...

George. Did you forget that some judges are gods? At least that's their story and they're sticking to it. Once you challenged the path he was on, the judge stopped seeing you as a concerned dad and as some kind of threat to his manhood. That's all I can gather from your story.

(Sometimes my mom supported my participation in events slightly higher than my age group. That was once called "having expectations for your children," "helping them develop," or God forbid, "giving them an opportunity to grow."

:::shaking my head:::

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you lost your case.
I want to stress something here, as a child of PAS. You have to forgive your kids. For they know not what they do. That's about as plainly as I can state it.
They are going to need you someday, bad. As unfair as it is, george, you are going to have to manage it. They are as much victims of this as you are. Frankly, they may even be hurt more than you in the long run.
So stay strong. You're a good father. Don't ever forget it.