Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Court-appointed lawyer bails out

I just got a notice from the court-appointed lawyer, James M. Ritchey, saying that he is not going to show up for Friday's trial because he decided to go on a family trip to Lake Tahoe. Before leaving, he submitted a brief to the court in support of my ex-wife's legal position, and complaining about this blog.

All Mr. Ritchey said about me was that I wanted a return to joint custody, and then he made a snide remark about my "obsessive-compulsive demeanor". I guess that he is trying to imply that wanting a fair hearing is obsessive-compulsive. Mr. Ritchey had told me that his recommendation would not be linked to any facts, and he told the truth about that.

My guess is that Mr. Ritchey is sorry that he took the case, and is trying to get off of it. He showed up in court twice, and said nothing either time. He tried to write up orders for both appearances, but botched up both of them, and nothing came out of it. He never learned even the most basic facts of the case. He supposedly represents the kids, but he never even found out what they want. I've lost count of the number of times he has lied to me and the court. I hope he enjoys his trip to Lake Tahoe.

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