Friday, January 25, 2008

Notice of appeal

I just filed a notice of appeal in my case. It sure seems to me that what Comm. Joseph did was illegal for about ten different reasons. An appeal is a long and laborious process, but I will eventually get a panel of three higher-level judges to look at the case.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know you and I don't have an opinion on your case or want to be aligned with it one way or the other...with that said, what I will say is: GOOD for you for taking the Circus Show of Department 4 to appeal! If you don't already know appellate attorney Robin Yeamans in Los Gatos, you should visit her web site. I have NEVER seen such gross incompetence, such negligence, malpractice, and bias in my life: it is destroying my child, but do they care: NO!!! EVEN with FACTS and illuistrated errors they DO WHAT THEY WANT REGARDLESS of fact, regardless of truth, and oh, yes, regardless of law. GOOD FOR YOU: that courthouse is a God forsaken mess. The children of this county-once they are adults- need to mobilize and make SURE every single one of these "esteemed and respected professionals" as I've heard Comm J call them AND Comm J hear it from the mouth's of the babes who's lives they are damaging. THEY get it wrong, damage/ruin our children, exacerbate domestic violence, and until the day I die- I will work for family court to become a safe place for children- not just another venue for abusers, manipulators, and liars. Perhaps if we all had the courage to blog, to appeal, and the time & money to fight, our children would be saved...but then, who would be parenting them why we do that and work to pay support at 50/50 to bums that have learned to work and play the system.