Monday, January 14, 2008

Rhode Island blog gets attention of family court

Here is another story about a family court acting on a blog:
But a retired minister began a blog that blasted the state Department of Children, Youth and Families and others involved in the case, saying they’d used a "bogus theory" to take a mother's two daughters from her and to send one of the sisters to live with the father -- after the father had been accused of sexually abusing the girl.

At DCYF's request, a Family Court judge ordered the state agency to "advise" the Rev. Anne Grant to stop publishing the blog "as it pertains" to the two children.
I'd say that the agency is using a bogus theory to shut down a blog. I never heard of a state agency asking a judge to order it to give someone advice. It appears that the agency knows that it can't do anything about the blog, but it doesn't like the criticism, and it is trying to intimidate the blogger anyway.

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