Sunday, July 06, 2014

Mom leaves kids for prisoner

Usually I celebrate a dad getting child custody from a crazy woman, but this UK story leaves me scratching my head:
A British mother is to pack up and leave her three children behind to make a whole new life with a violent US prisoner she met online.

Jennifer Butler, 29, will leave the UK and travel to French Robertson Unit in Texas to marry Christopher Mosier, 23 and leave her three young children all younger than 10 with their father.

The besotted woman will move in with Mosier when he is released on parole in September and denied she is making a mistake.

'Some people might think I'm bonkers for falling in love with a prisoner. And not everyone will agree with our relationship,' Butler said to The Sun. 'But Chris is a wonderful man. Sure, he made a few mistakes in the past, but everybody deserves a second chance.' ...

'I felt really sad that I hadn't heard from him. That's when I realised my feelings for him ran a lot deeper. I no longer saw him as just a friend anymore,' Butler said to The Sun.

'Then a month later I received a letter from him. He told me that the prison had been on lockdown so he had not been able to get stamps to write to me,' the smitten mom said.

'I realized I was in love with him and that letter made me admit it to myself. I couldn't bear to lose him.' ...

She added, 'I am devoted to my children but they deserve a happy mum too. This relationship will be for me but the life I build is going to be for all of us.'
This is the argument for no-fault divorce. Woman believe that they are entitled to abandon their families in their search for personal happiness.

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