Monday, July 21, 2014

Chelsea Clinton gossip

Chelsea Clinton says that she does not care about money, now that she makes $600k a year in salary plus $60k per speech.

The National Enquirer reported in April:
In a desperate bid to have twins, CHELSEA CLINTON underwent secret fertil­ity treatments, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

After four years of marriage, the 34-year-old former first child decided to speed up the clock and com­plete her family in one fell swoop, say insiders, adding that her decision was sparked by Bill’s and Hillary’s medical problems as well as their burning desire to become grandparents.
And in June:
Exposed! Bill Clinton Paternity Bombshell: I’m Not Chelsea’s Real Dad!

IN A revelation that could shatter Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House, former President Bill Clinton once admitted he wasn’t the biological father of the couple’s only child – daughter Chelsea!
And currently:
Exclusive Interview! Clinton Paternity Bombshell Explodes!

The identity of CHELSEA CLINTON’s “real” father was best unkept secret in Arkansas, family insider tells The ENQUIRER.

The bombshell that Chelsea Clinton is not the biological daughter of former President Bill Clinton was widely regarded as gospel truth in Clinton’s home state of Arkansas!

That’s the claim of a man who’s the former brother-in-law of Chelsea’s alleged daddy – her mother Hillary’s longtime law partner, Webster Hubbell!
All of this would be boring gossip, except that Hillary Clinton is now the favorite to be the next USA president.

If the above is true, then it is 100x worse than the Lewinsky scandal. A wife who bears another man's child is unfit for a position requiring public respect.

These rumors were around when Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, but Hillary was not on the ballot

The Clintons could silence these rumors with a simple DNA test. Barack Obama eventually released his short-form revised birth certificate in order to squelch some rumors.

Hillary has many other flaws. She saw a marriage counselor about divorcing Bill in 1998, and it is obvious that she thinks that Bill is not good enough for her. She spent 6 months recovering from a brain injury in 2013. Her foreign policy positions have been horrible.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that it will matter all that much if she makes it past the primary as the media will move hell and earth to make sure she wins so this will be given as positive a spin as possible. If you look at the younger voters it all seems to be about checking the boxes to prove that America is as enlightened as Europe so I expect to see a Woman elected in 2016 and a Homosexual right after that (if America survives the woman that is, which I have my doubts about).

And yes the rumors about Web Hubble being the father have been around since Clinton won and looking at her I would say that there's a 90% chance of the rumors being true. Can't for the life of me figure out why they married in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hell, if it's true about Chelsea Clinton, and Hillary Clinton does become President ... Bill will no doubt be 1st Mangina!