Friday, July 18, 2014

Michigan law to protect sailor dad on sub

I mentioned this case, and now the Michigan legislature is acting:
LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Michigan legislation would protect military members in child custody cases while serving overseas.

The bill proposed Wednesday responds to a Lenawee County judge's decision to order a sailor to come to court despite him being aboard a U.S. submarine.

The legislation generally would prohibit judges from modifying parenting time if a motion is filed to suspend the case while the military member is away.

Republican Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge says his bill shouldn't "even be necessary."

Lenawee County Judge Margaret Noe says she didn't know Matthew Hindes was in the Pacific Ocean when he was supposed to appear or have someone bring his 6-year-old daughter to court.

Hindes' ex-wife Angela Hindes lost custody of their child in 2010 amid allegations of neglect but seek to regain custody.
Jones is right -- his bill should not be necessary.

But he does not go far enough. We need broad laws eliminating all sorts of extraneous matters from child custody hearings. Such as requiring joint custody unless there is a criminal offense against the kid.

There is also continuing controversy over the S. Carolina mom who let her 9yo daughter visit the park.

The lead comment is:
More BS control from social services—Let me ask them this– Why has the United States become SO dangerous for not only our children but for me, my family and citizens in general?

Because we are no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of men. Think about how the level of safety has diminished since the courts have stopped enforcing the laws on the books. One need only look to the southern border — how safe are we NOW and how much less safe will we be in 6 months, one year??? Just can’t wait to find out.

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