Friday, May 16, 2014

Suicde note may get taken down

I posted links to the Chris Mackey suicide note, and now his widow is trying use copyright law to force sites to remove his letter.

The suicide note shows that the ex-wife and family court drove Chris Mackey to suicide. This ought to be public. She has apparently shut down his blog already, and I don't know if anyone mirrored it. I suggest that you get the letter now if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

This is no different than Thomas Ball and probably hundreds or thousands of other blue pill beta guys that are literally walking dead in these situations. People say that violence solves nothing but it is a deterrent and unless those in positions of power have some fear of repercussions for their actions then they will continue down this road to hell. The funny thing is that it is this type of guy that they abuse without fear because they know that he will never strike out at his abusers. You will never see a truly dangerous man treated this way as all those in the system know by instinct (and this includes his ex) that he is dangerous and will bend over backwards to not screw with him. So sadly only those belonging to street gangs and the like (or politically connected) are immune from this type of abuse.

I guess in that sense we as a society have become emasculated as the majority of men are no longer considered a threat if ill treated. And I would almost bet that before this happened to him, he himself would have condemned any man like that.

So bottom line, it makes no difference if his ex-wife succeeds in taking down this guys note as the only people that will read it are those already aware of whats going on. And although they may pity the man they will be powerless to do anything about it other than pray to God in heaven that He will repay this injustice. But those that need to hear his message (his fellow blue pill beta cohort) will stop up their ears and studiously ignore the handwriting on the wall, blissfully ignorant and supportive of the system that will someday grind them to dust just like this poor man.

George said...

You may be right. This blog is probably not reaching those blue pill guys either.

Evil Weasel said...

I have cut-and-pasted the said suicide note to my blog, thus making it immune from web censorship. As I reside out of the US, there is stuff-all any agency within the US can do about it.
The letter will not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

"You may be right. This blog is probably not reaching those blue pill guys either."

I've been thinking about my comment now for some time and believe that I'm mostly right but horribly wrong. It is true that most of these poor guys are stuck in their blue pill ways but there are a few that may be saved and it is that few that we should all work to support in their march down that path.