Thursday, May 22, 2014

CPS investigates picture of shirtless man

A reader sends this celebrity story:
Basically their daughter took a photo with a shirtless 20-year-old man who's a family friend. The photo went on social media then got lots of national attention. Some may find this photo in poor taste, but it's just damn ridiculous for CPS to even pay an iota of attention to this!

the top comment in the link:

"This "case" will be investigated by the same Department where social workers striked in December 2013 citing high case loads and being unable to give adequate attention to their current cases!" Then linking to this public radio story.
Because the girl's father is a big Hollywood celebrity, the picture was widely passed around. All it takes is one person to think that it is inappropriate and to call in an anonymous complaint to CPS. CPS is under legal obligation to investigate complaints.

I am not trying to defend CPS. I am just saying that the problem is systemic.

I would say that the picture does not show anything actionable under the law, and therefore CPS should ignore the complaint. I don't even agree with anonymous complaints. But CPS accepts complaints that are just suspicions, and I guess anyone can be suspicious of anything.

The Santa Cruz police are told to make a CPS report when a child is in a home with reported domestic violence. In that case, the cop does not necessarily have any suspicions of abuse against the child. I do not see how such a policy is lawful, but that is what the local cops do, and cops elsewhere probably do it also.

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Anonymous said...

You'd think people would start flooding the CPS with bogus anonymous complains about people working at the CPS, like that anonymous reporting thing at that university.