Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Political candidate once had domestic fight

Petty domestic squabbles from years in the past can creep into politics. Here is an example. Politico reports:
Monica Wehby, the leading GOP Senate candidate in Oregon, was accused in December 2007 of harassing her now ex-husband during a divorce proceeding, according to a new report.

Neither Wehby nor her ex-husband, James Grant, were arrested in the incident.

It marks the second time during the last three days that Wehby has faced embarrassing stories on her personal life. POLITICO reported on Friday that a former boyfriend had accused Wehby of “stalking” him last year and “harassing” his employees, although no charges were filed in that episode, either. ...

Neither Wehby nor Grant wanted to have the other arrested, and they sought to avoid the filing of a police report. The officers told the couple to sleep in separate rooms, and Wehby and Grant were warned they could be detained on domestic violence charges.
Even if they were arrested or charged, it would mean very little as sometimes there are policies to always make arrests.

Advice to sleep in separate rooms? Funny.

Somehow Wehby just won her primary yesterday:
Dr. Monica Wehby emerged victorious in the Oregon GOP Senate primary Tuesday to take on Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley in November in a race Republicans hope could help them take back the Senate.

Wehby beat Oregon state Rep. Jason Congers and three other candidates with 51 percent of the vote. Congers placed a distant second with 36 percent.

Republicans are looking to Wehby, a pediatric neurosurgeon and political newcomer, to pull off an against-the-odds victory in territory where a Republican has not won a statewide election since 2002. However, some believe that first-term incumbent Merkley is vulnerable because he has enthusiastically supported ObamaCare.
In claiming victory, she said:
In a Tuesday night victory speech at her campaign headquarters, Dr. Wehby tackled the issue head-on, telling a cheering room of supporters that she had made mistakes, then hitting back at Democrats for releasing the reports to the media.

“Over the last several days, there have been a lot of vicious, ugly hurtful attacks,” Dr. Wehby said in video posted online by KGW-TV in Portland. “Lord knows that I am not perfect. I am like countless other Oregonians. … I try my best, but in life we all make mistakes. And when I do, I’m no different than the rest of you. I pick myself back up and get going again and I try to make things better.”

She continued, “But I do have a message for those national Democrats who were willing to shred my family for their own political gain: People are tired of your dirty tricks.”

The Oregonian reported Monday that a researcher with the Democratic Party of Oregon was the first to request the April 2013 police report. The story was broken Friday by Politico, but the online publication did not submit a request for the report, according to the Oregonian.

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