Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking for bigfoot in Santa Cruz

The Animal Planet TV channel just broadcast an episode from the Santa Cruz mountains:
Surf's Up, Sasquatch

The team travels to Santa Cruz to visit the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. The museum's owner directs them to recent eyewitnesses and secret hotspots. Bobo hopes the smells from an authentic Hawaiian luau will be too much for nearby bigfoots to resist.
The local expert, who claimed his own bigfoot sighting was Univ. of Santa Cruz Psychology professor Walsh.

I cannot find "Dr. Walsh" on the UCSC Pyschology faculty page. I don't know whether the guy is an impostor, a promoter for the Felton Bigfoot museum, a gullible fool, or just took too much LSD.

I posted last year about weirdo UCSC psychology professors dropping dead.

Maybe I expect too much from this crazy little beach town. How can I hope for sane and honest court psychologists, when even the college professors are nuts?

Besides bigfoot, Santa Cruz has also been famous all over the world this week for pictures of toddlers snuggling with puppies.

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