Saturday, November 16, 2013

China promises reform

In the USA, parents can lose their kids and be sent to psychologists and classes without any wrongdoing ever proved in court. I believe that someday all liberty-minded folks will view these practices as barbaric, just as we view Chinese policy as barbaric.

CNN reports:
After months of hints, China announced Friday it will relax its decades-long one-child policy and abolish labor camps in an effort to improve human rights, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Officials had said earlier both controversial policies were under review, but that did not diminish the force of Friday's announcement.

The biggest change could be the abolishment of the so-called "re-education through labor" system under which tens of thousands are imprisoned in China without trial.

"Reform through labor" was set up in the 1950s under Mao Zedong and modeled on Soviet gulags -- a place where "counterrevolutionaries" and "class enemies" could be detained without trial.

Millions are believed to have died through overwork, suicide and harsh conditions until a system overhaul in the 1970s when Deng Xiaoping released prisoners accused of political and religious offenses.

According to the latest available figures from the Ministry of Justice, 160,000 people were held in 350 re-education through labor centers nationwide at the end of 2008. The United Nations has said the figure is possibly as high as 190,000 people.
How many American fathers have been sent out for re-education, or been the victim of a zero-child policy.

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Anonymous said...

"and abolish labor camps "
Now if only the USA will end its shameful practise of using prison labour for profit.