Thursday, November 14, 2013

Galileo did not expect commutation

I just found this quote from Galileo, before he died while under house arrest:
I do not expect a commutation of the sentence because I have not committed any crime. I could expect forgiveness and pardon if I had done so, because it is such offenses which would give a sovereign the opportunity to show his generosity and forgiveness, while a man who is sentenced innocently must be treated without any pardon to prove that his accuser was right.
That is also why I cannot see my own kids.


Anonymous said...

I dont want to rain on your parade in terms of comparing yourself to Galileo but he didnt really suffer.

He was given house arrest in a mansion so while he was judged unfairly, his punishment was light.

Your punishment is common and much harsher.

George said...

Yes, the true Galileo story is different from the myth. He was a genius who unnecessarily provoked the Pope. Maybe he even deserved his punishment, which was exaggerated as you say. I just liked the quote.