Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Pro-father Cuccinelli lost in Virginia

In the election yesterday, the Republican governor of New Jersey was re-elected, and the Democrat won in Virginia.

The Democrats in Virginia attacked the Republican for being sympathetic to fathers rights:
Today the Washington Post revealed Ken Cuccinelli’s pattern of association with and support for Fathers’ Rights advocates whose agenda includes opposing domestic violence protections, reducing child support payments and making it harder for married couples to get divorced. ...

As a legislator and Attorney General he has also acted in line with the group’s agenda on multiple issues. As the Post reports, In 2005 “Cuccinelli offered a bill that would have made it so parents initiating a no-fault divorce could have that action counted against them ‘when deciding custody and visitation.’”

The next year he was the lone vote in the Virginia Senate against legislation that would have increased child support payments by tying them to inflation. And as Attorney General Cuccinelli was one of just 3 state attorneys general in the country to refuse to sign a letter urging congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, a vital piece of anti-domestic violence legislation that Fathers’ Rights groups oppose.
The Democrat party has become the party of single moms, welfare queens, and other anti-family factions. Obamacare has added new marriage penalties. Most Republican politicians are weak on this issue also, but they tend to be a lot better than the Democrats.

Last night Fox News Bill O'Reilly said that his Virginia mom should be charged with child abuse for this:
A Virginia mother whose son dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan for Halloween said she sees nothing wrong with the costume. In fact, it's something of a family tradition. ...

"It's supposed to be white with white. Black with black. Man with woman and all of that. That's what the KKK stands for," she said.
O'Reilly says that he is not a Republican or a Democrat, but he is a busybody. I don't see how a KKK costume is any worse than those dressed as Satan or a pirate.


Anonymous said...

The RNC pulled funding from Cuccinelli in the last two weeks, resulting in a 10:1 outspend in media by the McAullife.

They plowed the money into Christie instead, who barely needed it.

The reason for this is simple. The RNC establishment is (once again) trying to kill the Tea Party rather than co-opting it.

With the performances in New Jersey and Virginia, its now the turn of the (kept) media to run the ball in, using these results to promote the false narrative that "the people" are sick of conservatism.

Anonymous said...

Cuccinelli might say he is in favor of father's rights but his track record is weak on this issue and virgina is unfavorable towards fathers' rights in the courts.

Anonymous said...

I have washed my hands of this country - it is doomed. I am off-shoring as much as possible in preparation to leave. I advise every "producer" to do the same - the faster the liberals run out of "your money" the better. So starve them - let the US crash and burn, it cannot be saved, better to hurry it along.