Friday, August 16, 2013

Was she prettier than I was?

Alpha Game has insights into the female mind, quoting this story:
The disappearance and death of her best friend never left Kathy. Nothing could fill the space where Maria once was – the games, the laughter, the shared secrets. She was left with survivor's guilt and the social stigma of being connected to a notorious crime.

"It robbed me of my childhood," she said recently. "I was labeled. I was the girl who was with Maria. A lot of parents wouldn't let their girls play with me. They were afraid he'd come back and take their child.

"I couldn't wait to get out of Sycamore. It bothered me my whole life why he took her and not me. For years I would ask myself, 'Was she prettier than I was?'"
I am not criticizing. This is human nature. No man would think this way. Live and learn.

Meanwhile, a White House press conference gives us an insight in the hen-pecked man:
Before going on vacation tomorrow, President Obama assured Americans that there's really nothing to worry about when it comes to NSA surveillance. But since everyone's so concerned, he said at a press conference this afternoon, he's taking a few bureaucratic steps to make privacy advocates feel better about Edward Snowden's disclosures. ...

Asked about people who might not trust his assurances about tweaking the system, Obama insisted, "Well, the fact that I said that the programs are operating in a way that prevents abuse, that continues to be true without the reforms ... If I tell Michelle that I did the dishes — now, granted, in the White House, I don't do the dishes that much, but back in the day — and she's a little skeptical, well, I'd like her to trust me, but maybe I need to bring her back and show her the dishes and not just have her take my word for it."
Again, I would have said that no man with two testicles would think this way. The man is President of the USA. He not only has to do the dishes to please his wife, he cannot expect her to take his word for it, and has to ask her to supervise to make sure he does it right. I don't know how we elected someone so psychologically unfit for executive responsibility. It could be worse -- all the pundits now say that Hillary Clinton is going to be elected in 2016.


Anonymous said...

Hey BArack, yo momma, she's a-callin ya now. Time to do the dishes, hoot hoot!

Anonymous said...

if the washing dishes analogy is lost on you, there is zero mystery as to why you got divorced.

it doesnt mean you should have been abused the way you were but it does speak to your fitness as a spouse.

George said...

Oh I understand the analogy. I just expect better from the President.