Thursday, August 29, 2013

Low bar for PTSD and dementia

I restarted my newspaper subscription, and here is yesterday's bad advice:
Dear Annie: Earlier this year, I was caught up in a liability issue with my high school track coach. I had a knee injury and was being treated by a sports chiropractor, with the full approval of the superintendent of the school district. My coach, however, rejected the note from the chiropractor and caused me horrible stress and anxiety with the unnecessary demand that I see an internist. The principal said I had to do it. ... How can I move on? My mind is taking a beating. — Still Reliving the Misery

Dear Still: Any trauma can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which causes the sufferer to relive the event over and over.
A "liability issue" is a euphemism for a bogus personal injury claim. And "chiropractor" is a euphemism for physician wannabe. So the school refused to pay her for her questionable knee injury unless she documented it with a second opinion. And that caused PTSD for months? It only causes anxiety if the claim is bogus.
Dear Annie: Last week, I walked into our computer room to see my husband trying desperately to hit the delete button and get rid of an email he did not want me to see. I managed to glance at the woman's name, however, and asked him who it was. Well, she is the one I suspected he hooked up with at his 50th class reunion. There were about five hours during the weekend that he could not account for.

His 95-year-old mother knows this woman and says, "She's such a nice girl and married. She would never do such a thing." And she says the same about my husband. I don't believe this. My husband suddenly can't keep his hands off of the waitresses at our favorite restaurant, and he ogles every woman who walks by.

I won't be going to my 50th class reunion. I can't leave him alone for a second, and I certainly don't want him running off with one of my classmates. I don't want to go out of my house anymore. What should I do? — Humiliated Wife
Wow, I don't know how any man managed to stay married for decades to such a jealous, possessive, and controlling bitch.

Annie's diagnosis this time is not PTSD, it is dementia. Because only a demented or senile man would send an email to an old classmate after a reunion, or notice a pretty waitress.


Anonymous said...

"What should I do? — Humiliated Wife "

Blowjob? Hey - just putting it out there. Retaining your husband's affections is not rocket science. Blowjob, maybe lose a little weight, and ease back on the nagging.

George said...

That's right. For most men, it does not take much to keep them happy, and their wives know how to do it. It appears that this wife would rather nag her husband, than please him.