Saturday, June 29, 2013

Complaining about judicial criticism

I just got this email, apparently referring to this post:
Dear George the Angry Dad:

I am writing in behalf of a Santa Cruz law firm to demand that you take down criticism of Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph. Your comments are particularly unfair and damaging at this time because he is under consideration for a political appointment, and he has no adequate remedy for who might read your blog.

Commissioner Joseph presided over many cases, and if public officials were held accountable by second-guessing and sniping on public web sites, then they would not have the discretion to do what is in the best interest of the children.

You may think that it is funny that Commissioner Joseph ordered the Sheriff to remove your kids after a CPS investigation found that you had reset the alarm clock for 7:00 am, and that judicial ethics prevent him from fully explaining his decision out of court. Should this matter end up in a libel lawsuit and he testifies in court, then he would be free to tell the full story. Your ex-wife had documents to show that your daughters got better homework grades with her because she corrected their homework before they turned it in. Your 7:00 alarm clock did not allow sufficient time to correct the homework.

At any rate, Commissioner Joseph has received praise from many lawyers who have appeared in his court, and who expect to appear in his court in the future. They have told him that they recommended him for the appointment. You are not a lawyer who practices in his court, and therefore you are not qualified to have an opinion.

This email is copyrighted, and may not be posted. It is being sent through an anonymous Yahoo account in case you do not respect the privileged and confidential nature of this communications.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Gov. Brown, if you are reading this, please do not appoint this bozo to a judgeship.


Anonymous said...

you're kidding, this is hilarious.

Obviously this isn't for real, if it were really a cease and desist it would have been on actual letter head and delivered certified or FedEx.

Wouldn't it be funny if it were really from that idiot Joseph?

Here's hoping he's both denied a judgeship and winds up disbarred.

Anonymous said...

The remedy for free speech is more free speech. What an old fart is this truculent bloviator, IrJo the Intemperate. He should mobilize his sycophants who profit from needlessly protracted litigation in his court to sing his praises publicly.

Anonymous said...

The next time I meet Commissioner Joseph, I'll assure him that I certainly gave him an excellent reference to the JNE and a highly qualified rating. Even though I didn't. Let's be real. As long as I might have to appear in his court I have to kiss his ponderous ass.

Anonymous said...

What whole story could there be? His decision was based on documentation in a divorce case which is public plus argument and testimony in open court so anyone could obtain a transcript. If there's anything about his thought process which he didn't articulate in court, so what? That's his problem.

If your ex corrects your children's homework and they pass it off as their own work, that sounds like she's training them to be plagiarists, which is a whole lot worse than them getting poor or mediocre grades. Perhaps Irwin Joseph and Julie Travers don't see it that way because in the legal profession the end result is the only thing that matters so it always trumps ethics.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that fascinating! One of the differences between male and femake parenting is that mothers are interested in a child's marks, whereas fathers are interested in what a child is learning.
Academic fraud on behalf of her kids is not actually a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry to say that you have been almost certainly punked.

No law firm, reputable or disreputable would use a yahoo email address or act in an anonymous manner like this. If an attorney sends a cease and desist letter, its designed to hold up in court and be published.

What you have is something someone would hire a PR firm to do, not an attorney.

Anonymous said...

Haha. This letter is as much of a joke as that wannabe judge. A former real estate lawyer over seeing family cases that have serious effects on life's and who does a horrible job is beyond belief. This man truely needs to be exposed for what a terrible job he does.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me! Everyone has a right to have an opinion. And why was CPS involved in an investigation about an alarm clock! THAT NEEDS TO NEVER HAPPEN! The protection of women and children without checks and balances, IN MY VERY VALID OPINION, has gone way too far in creating a legal industry that profits off of the turmoil of parents. Even lawyers and judges can be taken to court:

I had great experiences with Santa Cruz Family Court, with the many judges who presided over me, and mixed experiences with Santa Cruz CPS - however, I don't believe they needed to be involved in the first place, and over the course of 5 years or so I can say a total of 5 full hours were given to actually examining my case in detail. All of which were very helpful for my position in the court, and SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED MUCH, MUCH SOONER. That said, dads get the bad end of the stick everywhere, and my experiences is that we have it better in Santa Cruz County. I'm sorry that wasn't true for you angry dad - maybe try not to be so mad. I know it's hard.