Monday, October 01, 2012

Monterey mom charged with kidnapping

The Monterey Herald reports:
Ruiz-Gomez, a 38-year-old woman accused of kidnapping her child, whom she had sole custody of, and taking him to Mexico, has earned the sympathy of dozens of Peninsula residents who call themselves "Eva's Army." They lend their support by appearing with her at court hearings, writing letters on her behalf and helping her raise more than $5,000 to pay for her defense. ...

"How could this Kafkaesque nightmare happen to an innocent woman at this time, in 'progressive' California?" said Rose, a retired Pacific Grove teacher, in an email to The Herald. "I was formerly a completely naive believer in the criminal justice system, so this has been a brutal wake-up call for me."
So California is so "progressive" that it is acceptable for a mom to kidnap her boy to Mexico and block the boy from seeing his dad?

And this mom still wants to collect child support from the dad, of course.
Muñoz was recently ordered to pay more than $20,000 in past-due child support. He is fighting to have no penalties imposed. Ruiz-Gomez's supporters believe he has been pushing to get partial custody in order to avoid the payments.
These are some more "progressive" views I guess. The mom gets to collect child support from the dad, but prevent the dad from seeing the boy. When the dad tries to see the boy, he is accused of trying to avoid support payments.

Moms like Ruiz-Gomez are ruining America. She is teaching her son to hate his dad, and forcing the boy to grow up without a dad. She is a parasite and her boy will probably be a juvenile delinquent. It remains to be seen whether Monterey has the nerve to hold her accountable.


Anonymous said...

I would encourage readrers to check out the entire story, and not just rely on what George has written about it.

George said...

That goes without saying. I provide the link to enable reading the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Eva and her supporters have told the media so many lies and half truths in an attempt to gain sympathy and circumvent the legal system. Its about time someone speak up on behalf of the father, Mr. Munoz. Up until now, no one has spoken on behalf of Mr. Munoz because of the best interest of the child. Eva and her supporters continue to exploit the child in the media and use the child for leverage in the media. The true victim is the child not Eva! Eva has made so many false allegations about Mr. Munoz being abusive and a dead beat father. Eva never mentioned any abuse when Mr. Munoz first filed for visitation in the early 2000s. Eva only made the abuse allegations after criminal charges were filed against her. Eva even left her then young daughter from a previous relationship in the care of Mr. Munoz. In the early 2000s Mr. Munoz filed for visitation knowing he would have to pay child support. Mr. Munoz only wanted to be part of his son's life and have a relationship with his son. Mr. Munoz recontacted local law enforcement when he learned Eva was back in the country and in the local area. If Mr. Munoz was so opposed to paying child support why would he contact authorities knowing the child support payments would resume. Anyone who pays child support knows that you cannot simply walk into the child support office and stop child support payments. The child support dept. stopped Mr. Munoz's child support payments when they learned Eva was in Mexico. They told Eva she would personally have to come in to their office to handle the matter. Eva never went to the chid support offices, even after she returned from Mexico. Perhaps she did not want to be located. She only made an issue of the child support after criminal charges were filed against her. Eva made the decision for her son to keep him from his father. The child was never able to choose for himself. Mr. Munoz will never get back the years he has lost with son. Although the wheels of justice are slow, justice will prevail. Eva must be held accountable for the damage she has done! The views herein expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Ramon, his attorney or any other person.