Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sheriff could face recall

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is back on the job, have been saved by his fellow extreme leftist allies:
The four supervisors whose votes blocked the sheriff's ouster on Tuesday are progressives like Mirkarimi. John Avalos, David Campos, Jane Kim and Christina Olague each denounced domestic violence, but said Mirkarimi's incident didn't rise to the level of official misconduct according to the City Charter.

On Wednesday, Kim emailed her constituents explaining her vote while also saying her faith in Mirkarimi as a person and sheriff has been "greatly diminished." She even suggested that voters demand a recall.

"I am deeply pained by the decision because regardless of the legal reasoning for my final vote, I know that the public may perceive this as a statement that violence committed by an elected official is OK," Kim said. "The electorate has every right to recall the sheriff, an action which I would support."

For any recall vote of Mirkarimi, petitioners would need to gather more than 48,000 signatures - about 10 percent of all registered voters in San Francisco - within 160 days, John Arntz, the city's director of elections, said Thursday.
So she voted to save him, but endorses a recall? It appears that the fight will continue, and his friends are not his friends.

The city does not have any Republicans or moderates. The political fights are between the Democrats and the extreme leftist "progressives".

The mayor is still badmouthing Lee:
But high emotions continued Wednesday as Lee lambasted Avalos, Campos, Kim and Olague over their decisions.

"I believe they sought out an excuse for an inexcusable act that was confirmed by the criminal courts," the mayor told reporters.

Lee said Mirkarimi's return to office tarnishes the city's nationally recognized programs designed to combat domestic violence.
Willie Brown used to be the smartest politician in California, and now he writes:
Talk about falling up: Suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's return to his job has made him the de facto leader of San Francisco's progressive wing.

And barring a recall, it has also instantly made him the leading candidate against Mayor Ed Lee in the 2015 election.

Before his arrest, conviction and suspension for falsely imprisoning his wife, Mirkarimi was known mainly to political wonks and to constituents in his Haight-Ashbury/Western Addition supervisorial district. He got elected sheriff not through any popular groundswell, but because of ranked-choice voting.

Today, Mirkarimi is both a household name and, thanks to the four fellow progressives on the Board of Supervisors who saved his bacon, the most visible foil to the moderate Lee.

Besides, who else does the left have in its corner?

Supervisor John Avalos has already run once for mayor and fell short.

Supervisor David Campos hopes to be up in the state Assembly by the time Lee runs for re-election.

State Sen. Mark Leno? Not pure enough for the true progressives.

And at this point, Supervisors Jane Kim and Christina Olague are so confused about who they really are, they could both have a hard time running for any future office.

Plus, chances are Ross will face some pretty tough opposition if he runs for re-election as sheriff. Why not try falling up again? It's worked so far. And while he is at it, how about appointing former Mayor Art Agnos as the undersheriff to oversee domestic violence cases, because after all Agnos is a former social worker.
Mark Leno not pure enough for the true progressives? He's gay, Jewish, and out to destroy marriage by saying judges have the discretion to force a kid to have 3 mommies. I hate to think what the true progressives want.

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