Monday, October 29, 2012

UK banker wife turns hippie

A UK newspaper reports:
The mother-of-four who made headlines last year leaving her children to go join Occupy Wall Street is divorcing her husband and cashing in on his banking-earned riches in the process.

Stacey Hessler cites protesting as her profession and famously devoted herself to the Occupy movement, demonstrating against the very banks behind her recently increased cash-flow.

She walks away from former banker Curtiss Hessler with a total of $85,385 from his stock-filled retirement fund and bank account. ...

It is understood by friends of the Occu-Mom that her persistent protesting has caused their relationship to fail. ...

Twisting her hair into long dreadlocks and wearing hippy-style t-shits with logos like 'Make Love, Not War', the 39-year-old traveled to New York, leaving her children behind.

'Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad?' she told the Post, responding to criticism of her mothering techniques. 'I’m fighting for a better world.'


Anonymous said...

HUH? Doesn't she get it that:1. military people feel BADLY when they must leave their families. 2. It is disrespectful to the military for her to be comparing herself to them. 3. She is being a sort of hypocrite by rebelling against the institutions that allowed her husband to make the very money she is taking from him! Barbara

Unknown said...

She is a child--not pure, yet simple!! Her children will pay her back in reams of karma for what she is doing!!