Thursday, August 09, 2012

Women Love Drama

From the most insightful blog on male-female relations, Roissy writes:
YET ANOTHER scientific study confirms gender stereotypes and validates core game concepts.
Research finds women feel happy when their husband or partner is upset.

The detailed study found that wives or girlfriends were pleased when their partner showed emotion because they believed it demonstrated a healthy relationship.

The survey, carried out by Harvard Medical School, also found that when men realised their wife was angry, the women reported being happier, although the men were not.

It revealed women most likely enjoyed spotting when their partner was dissatisfied because it showed his strong “engagement” or “investment” in their time together.
In short, women love to instigate relationship drama, and to wallow in drama, because it reignites the romantic spark. A stoic, self-satisfied, dutiful, honorable, provider beta male is BORING to women because he doesn’t show enough tingle-generating emotion or “connection” that makes women swoon. This explains why guys like Chris Brown can repeatedly nail hot strumpets like Rihanna.
Women even like the drama after a split. The UK Sun reports:
A staggering 88 per cent of users have checked up on ex-partners on the social networking site, new research has found. And 74 per cent use it to keep tabs on their ex’s new love interests.

This is despite only 48 per cent staying “Facebook friends” with their ex-lover after the split, which allows each person to view each other’s updates and photos.
This is all stuff that you will not hear in marriage counseling. Women will not tell you either.


Anonymous said...

Just to quibble with Roissy:

A truly Stoic man (who never shares his emotions) is candy to women for the same reason that they like drama. Because he never shows his emotions, the woman has to depend on her hamster to figure out where she stands. On the other hand, somebody who only shows his emotions when he is happy is just a wimp.

A self satisfied man (who does not need or seek validation from women), that is also a turn on.

I don't think women's hamsters care at all either way about duty, and honor is more a concept about how men rank up against other men in the eyes of men.

Finally, being a provider isn't very attractive to women, but is less valuable here in the USA because the welfare state and discrimination in favor of women provide enough of a fallback that women can rank other qualities higher in men. Date women from societies that do not have this fallback, and you will see providers, even boring providers, ranked higher (although still not high).

George said...

I am not sure, but his theories are always thought-provoking.

Anonymous said...

That explains a lot - and it's probably why I kick so many women to the curb for being a pain in my ass. I only put up with that shit when I'm looking to nail poon for the first time..