Sunday, August 12, 2012

Parental paranoia

Cartoon is from F-Minus.

Jay Leno has a feature on the NBC TV Tonight Show that he calls The Difference between Moms & Dads. See this video of a mom doing a safe bicycle ride while a dad does a dangerous one.

The voice of sanity on the subject is the Free Range Kids blog, aka World's Worst Mom. She crticizes this sort of paranoia:
as a mother I would not want my child seating next to a strange man on a plane.

The fact is 99% of paedophiles are male. I’m sure this man is a lovely person but the fact is he is 100 times more likely to rape a child than a woman.

Are we now going to sue the insurance companies who charge men more in insurance because men are 100 times more likely to have an accident?
Here in California, insurance companies are required to charge men and women the same rates. This liberal blindness will soon extend to the whole country, as Obamacare requires men to pay for birth control pills and pregnancy coverage.

It is crazy to worry about a passenger raping a child on a commercial airplane.

Dads tend to be more adventurous, while moms are overprotective. Kids need a balance. Sometimes moms claim that they deserve child custody because they are more protective. Maybe so, but not better.

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