Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rihanna still wants Chris Brown

In news about the most famous celebrity domestic violence case:
A tearful Rihanna told Oprah Winfrey Monday that she and ex Chris Brown are "still close" and "will always love each other" following the 2009 attack that included punching, biting and choking. Now, after the candid interview, domestic violence organizations and fans have blasted the singer for "normalizing" domestic abuse.
The show yielded the second-best ratings in the network's history. A celebrity site says:
What does Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kate Major, Michael Lohan, Pamela Lee Anderson, and Tommy Lee have in common? ...

All these relationships have the same thing in common: they fought, argued, and made headlines, but they also loved the person they fought with, and more often than not went back to them. Of course, the ideal in these situations is that the women run for the hills when they get out of these abusive relationships. However, more often than not, they run back to the person that has caused the pain.

Why do some women do this? Is there something in their DNA that makes certain women more prone to run back into the arms of men that has caused them pain? That answer we may never know.

Rihanna is an adult. You are looking at human nature. I am not here to tell her what to do.

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